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Houston Apartment Fire

By Braden and Joshua An amazing video has emerged of the moment a construction worker is plucked to safety moments before a burning apartment block collapsed. Hundred of apartments at the block in Houston were destroyed by the huge fire. Some 200 fire fighters struggled to bring the blaze under control as wind gusts of […]

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Young Footballer stuns Billericay School

Young star Sam has “wowed” many of the teachers at the school Billericay School has always exceled in sports but one person in year seven has stunned all the staff. His name is Sam, he plays for Colchester and his a iconic figure for all the year seven footballers in Billericay school. He said he […]

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by Shej, Ellis and Ewan Super star students at the highly respected and credited Billericay School have become some of the greatest young athletes Billericay and Essex have ever seen with Josh being awarded the gold medal in tramlining in the prestigious junior Olympics. Danielle, a year 10 student, has been given the honour of […]

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Students climb mountains!

World Challenge by Melissa, Holly, Jessica In June 2014, fifteen students, from The Billericay School, will be taking part in World Challenge, going to Bolivia, South America,  for four weeks they will; paint schools; teach young children; climb mountains and have one week of rest and relaxation. The pupils that are going will firstly fly […]

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Amelia goes for bronze!

by Clara and Sophie Amelia, year ten at Billericay school goes for bronze in Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke of Edinburgh award is an amazing experience and many people would love to do. We interviewed Amelia, who is doing the Duke of Edinburgh.  She is doing it from February till April 2014 . We asked her […]

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Possible Sightings Of Malaysian Flight MH370 Found In The Indian Ocean

The MH370 went missing on the 8th March 2014.  There were a total of 239 passengers on-board, most of them Chinese. There has been a lot speculation on where the mystery plane has landed. The plane lost contact with air traffic control.  The flight was meant to arrive in Beijing but instead flew in a […]

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Not As Cheap As It Seems

‘FREE’ games are now costing us more than 1 million pounds a day! So they aren’t really free. It’s affecting peoples lives, in the UK, and their friendships. This is only in the past year. Additionally, to upload levels, this costs £17.50 per player. Gamers from the age of 18-24 are spending £34.50 on average […]

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Jacques le Trash – the dragon who came to our school!

Jacques Le Trash, a 12 metre long pink dragon, has been given to The Billericay School. The unusual man operated creature has been to many festivals such as Bestival and V Festival, to encourage partygoers to stop littering. One of these creatures has been kindly donated to The Billericay School, who has been struggling with […]

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11 Shots to Victory

The Billericay School Year 7 girls Basketball win the Cup.    On the Monday 17th march, The Billericay School’s new basketball girls “dream team” (exclaimed Miss Matthews) have stormed to victory: winning the Girls Essex Basketball Cup for under 12’s. This is the first time The Billericay School’s girls have won the cup, which took place […]

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