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P.E: Positive Exercise

By Alexander Tyldesley

Summer is upon us yet again and you will probably be thinking of some very exciting and adventurous ideas to brighten up your summer, whether that be going on holiday or just socialising with your friends.

However if you ever find you are stuck for ideas and the last resort is the Nintendo Wii then fear not because the school is here to offer you fun and excitement during the school term to encourage you to take full advantage of the summer season and enjoy your time as much as possible.

This is where the P.E department come in because during the summer term the P.E department are offering a wide range of interesting and exciting activities (before school, at lunchtime and after school) from many sports to suit you and help you realise how beneficial and fun P.E can really be.

On the other hand you may think that sport and exercise is not to your liking and to enjoy sport it has to be done with a lot of effort and determination. But from this article I am sure you will be more than convinced to take up sport and exercise and see that it can still be good fun with all the other benefits in-between.

Why Sport?

· Exercise does not have to be horrible, it can be as easy or as hard as you want just so long as you enjoy it
· It can improve your health and well being to make you feel better about yourself as a person
· You can meet new people with similar or different interests
· It is a great past time activity and can be done individually or with a group of people if you want.
· Examples of the many great sports that the P.E department offer include athletics, rounders, cricket, football, water polo, swimming, netball and many more.
· Sport can also help you discover new things and help you make the most of life
· The nice summer weather means you can go out and enjoy even more sports than ever before
· Also if you have any upcoming exams exercise can help you cope with stress and tension

For more information you can see any of the P.E staff in the P.E office or there are P.E club timetables around the school to show you all the exciting and fun activities available so don’t leave it until the winter when it is cold, get out there now and try something new, you never know you might surprise yourself.

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